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OPT SEA invested in “WearYouWant.com”, a Fashion E-commerce site in Thailand

OPT SEA Pte.,Ltd. (“OPT SEA”), a subsidiary of Opt,Inc. (“Opt”), Japan’s leading e-marketing company, has announced its business alliance and investment in WearYouWant Pte.,Ltd. (“WearYouWant“), operating a Fashion E-commerce website WearYouWant.com in Thailand.
【Background and Purpose】
Asia’s middle class is reported to comprise 52 percent of the region’s population by 2020. The fastest emerging middle class hails from the ASEAN countries; Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. (Nielsen report)
With a combination of this new economic consumer power and the rise of internet industry in the ASEAN, its E-commerce market is also growing rapidly and the investing activities are aggressively rolling into the regions from the world.
Thai E-commerce has been leading in the ASEAN region, reported to surpass approximately $4.6Billion market size in 2013. Apparels and IT gadgets are proven to be the most attractive products for Thai online shoppers over the past years. (Thai E-commerce Association report) 
WearYouWant, founded in October 2011, is the second largest online fashion site in Thailand. The platform offers more than 450 selected brands and 12,500 latest fashion items today.
Following the recent announcements of partnerships with giants like LINE and Samsung, who regularly promote special offers from WearYouWant merchants to the public, the team is seeking to connect more of global brands including Japanese brands with Thailand’s online fashionistas and it has set a target of 1.5million users monthly and of revenue more than $6million in 2015.
Through this partnership, OPT SEA appoints one board member joining the WearYouWant management team to support and accelerate its business growth by leveraging OPT group’s expertise and assets of the online marketing business in Asia.
About WearYouWant
Company name: WearYouWant Pte.,Ltd.
Co-CEOs and Co-Founders: Martin Toft Sørensen, Julien Chalté
Office: Singapore(HQ), Bangkok (Thailand)
Established in: October 2011
Business description: Fashion E-commerce site
URL: http://www.wearyouwant.com/en/

[Screenshots of WearYouWant.com]
201409030959_1.png  201409030959_2.png



Company Name: OPT SEA Pte.,Ltd
CEO: Ryukichi Iwakiri, 
Office: Singapore(HQ), Bangkok, Tokyo
Business Description:
 - Internet marketing and services
 - Business development of subsidiaries and portfolio companies.
 - Investment and incubation support
URL: http://www.opt.ne.jp/news/pr/detail/id=2322/


設立年月:2015 年 4 月 1 日
資本金:1億 (2015 年 4 月 1 日現在)
代表者名:代表取締役社長 CEO 金澤 大輔
本社所在地:東京都千代田区四番町 6 番 東急番町ビル
事業内容:e マーケティング事業