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Opt opens OPT SEA, a new regional headquarters for ASEAN business in Singapore

Opt,Inc. (“Opt”), Japan’s leading e-marketing company and one of the largest in Asia, today announced that it will open OPT SEA Pte., Ltd (“OPT SEA”) in Singapore, a new regional headquarters for the ASEAN region.
Background and Purpose
With significant economic growth in the ASEAN markets and a population of over 600 million, GDP is projected to reach total $2.8 trillion by 2015 when the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) shall be integrated. By 2020, the ASEAN consumer market is anticipated to reach $2.2 trillion.
This growth is bringing increased opportunities for the region with continuous investments and infrastructure improvements. In addition, the Internet business markets are maturing and diversifying from their early stage given the penetration of PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets.
OPT SEA is designed to embark on new business expansion and investment activities in support of its group and portfolio companies to contribute to the growth of the ASEAN internet business by leveraging the OPT group’s asset and experience.
Name: OPT SEA Pte.,Ltd
Office: Singapore
CEO: Ryukichi Iwakiri,  COO: Soonhee Kim,  Director: Masamichi Kudo
Business Operation Overview:
 - Internet marketing and services
 - Control and support of subsidiaries and portfolio companies.
 - Investment and incubation support
OPT SEA’s subsidiaries and portfolio
MCN Thailand has become a consolidated subsidiary company of OPT SEA, renamed to “OptOk”. OptOk will continuously provide internet marketing solutions and services to lead the market as a marketing technology vendor in Thailand and throughout the ASEAN region.
The MCN group previously established a partnership with Songwhale (USA) for direct response marketing services. This business will continue operations as a new company, named Big Smile Products, LLC. OPT SEA will continuously support its business as a portfolio company.
OptOk.Co.Ltd (Former MCN Thailand, Co. Ltd.)
Business:Vertical Search Engine, Website Marketing and Optimization Tools, Ad Serving
Office:Bangkok, THAILAND

Big Smile Products, LLC
Business:TV and Digital Direct Respose Marketing
* Big Smile Products is a joint venture company of former MCN group and Songwhale.  URL:https://www.linkedin.com/company/bigsmile-products-llc  

About Opt
Established in: March 4th, 1994 
Capital: ¥7.6 billion as of 31/12/2013 
President & CEO: Noboru Hachimine 
Address: Tokyubancho Bldg., 6, Yonban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0081, Japan 
Business: Online Marketing 
Listed on: First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 
URL: http://www.opt.ne.jp/