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The announcement of transition to holding structure

Opt, Inc. announced that the company made transition to holding structure through corporate divestiture (incorporation-type company split) and changed its name from “Opt, Inc.” to “Opt Holding, Inc.” as of 1st April 2015. Along with this structural change, the newly established company, “Opt, Inc.” succeeded to the marketing businesses.
Overview of Opt Holding, Inc.
Trade name: Opt Holding, Inc.
Business: Strategic planning, group management and business development
Address: Tokyu Bancho Bldg., 6 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0081
CEO: Noboru Hachimine
Stated Capital: \7,645,000,000
Fiscal year-end: 31st December
Purpose of the holding structural transition
The purpose of the holding structural transition is to accelerate and promote further growth by delegating decision making authority to subsidiary level and by leveraging group wide resources effectively.
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