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【Announcement】OPT is Strengthening Measures against the Infection Spread of the Novel Coronavirus following 1 Employee was Infected.

TOKYO, Apr 2, 2020 /PR/OPT, Inc.

OPT has set up a countermeasure headquarters at OPT Holding Inc. the parent company, to combat Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, on Apr. 1st, 2020, 1 male employee in his 20s was tested positive for Novel Coronavirus.

On Mar. 25, this employee felt ill and visited a medical institution. He reported to his supervisor on Mar. 29, and was given a diagnostic test on Mar. 30, and was notified of his positive result on Apr. 1.
This employee has been working from home since Feb. 27 to Mar. 29, and during this time there were no visits to the office or customers. Also, he does not have any recent overseas travel history.
We will continue to cooperate with the public health center, and will take the following actions.

  • Confirmation of close contacts with the employee outside of work.
  • If there are any close contacts in the company, we will ask them to work at home or stop working for 14 days. 
  • If there are any close contacts in the company, we will temporarily close and disinfect our office where the close contacts worked at. 

OPT Holding Inc. the parent company, has been encouraging all group employees to work at home in principle, from Mar. 31.
In response to this outbreak of infection, OPT Holding, Inc. asked all employees working in the building which OPT, Inc. is located (Tokyu Bancho Building, Yonbancho 6, Chiyoda, Tokyo) to report their health status to the labor manager.
The purpose of these measures is to create an environment in which we can safely provide services to society and clients, and we plan to continue these measures for the time being until the situation is subsided. OPT Holding, Inc. implements the response to the Novel Coronavirus on a base-by-base, these measures cover only all employees and the office space of group companies in the Tokyu Bancho Building where OPT, Inc. is located.
In response to this case, we plan to further strengthen measures to prevent the spread of infections both inside and outside the company. OPT Holding Inc. and OPT, Inc. will give top priority to ensure the safety and health of employees, clients, and partners.
1. Work Styles and Meetings, etc.
  • Prohibit employees from coming to the office, in principle.
  • All meetings will be held online, except for emergencies.
  • Meetings with clients and partners will be held online, in principle.
  • Prohibit employees from visiting clients and partners, in principle.
  • Prohibit Employees from traveling for business in domestic or abroad.

2. Participation in Large-scale Assembly
  • We hold all internal assemblies online, regardless of scale.
  • Prohibit employees from participating assemblies and seminars held outside of the company.
3. Assemblies and Seminars We Organize    
  • Postpone all or hold online.    
  • Hold all recruitment briefings online.
  • Conduct all recruitment interviews online after informing candidates.

4. Other
  • We strongly recommend employees to wear a mask when going out.    
  • We strongly recommend employees to wash their hands and gargle.        
  • Instruct employees with cold symptoms (such as cough or fever above 99.5°F) to stay at home.
  • Instruct employees to report and stay at home, if there are infected people or close contacts around them, such as a family member.
  • We strongly recommend employees to refrain from eating out with multiple people.
  • We strongly recommend employees to refrain from participating in assemblies or meetings in private.
  • We strongly recommend employees to refrain from traveling overseas in private.

※This policy is scheduled to run until Apr. 12, 2020. However, we will consider extending the period depending on the status of the infection.

OPT Holding Inc. and OPT, Inc. will continue to make immediate decisions on the measures based on a plan of action that is tailored to the infectious stage of the government. We are preventing the spread of infections and ensuring the safety and health of employees, clients, and partners as far as possible. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

【Outline of OPT, Inc.】
OPT is an “Innovation Agency” that helps customers realize their ideal future through digital marketing. OPT renews the businesses of customers to create new value, while staying in harmony with the company’s vision and mission as they seek sustainable growth. Each employee works under the ideal of “Sincere ambition” to turn the company into a growth engine that makes people and society more prosperous.

■Company Outline
Established: April 1, 2015
Capital: 100 million yen (as of end of December 2019)
President Name: Daisuke Kanazawa, President & CEO
Head Office Address: Tokyu Bancho Building, 6, Yonbancho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Business Details: Marketing business

■PR Contact
OPT, Inc. PR Representative