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The “IT-JACKET PROJECT,” a joint project by ABAHOUSE and Studio Opt, Develops Collaborative Fashion Goods Targeting IT Businessmen — Proposing Ideal Fashion Styles for Businessmen’s Comfort and Functionality at Work —

Studio Opt,(*1) a specialist group dedicated to open innovation and part of OPT, Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & CEO: Daisuke Kanazawa; hereinafter “OPT”), an Innovation Agency leading the digital shift, has established the “IT-JACKET PROJECT” jointly with the fashion brand “ABAHOUSE”*2) to develop collaborative fashion goods targeting IT businessmen. Advance subscription sales will commence on the crowdfunding site “Makuake” on Tuesday November 26, 2019.

■ Development Background
IWith the arrival of the digital era and utilization of IoT and AI, phenomena such as the rise of remote working and dual city-country living have transformed people's working styles and lifestyles. In the context of fashion, consumers now pursue not only trend and style, but also functionality and practicality.

Through collaboration between ABAHOUSE, a fashion brand with a solid reputation for sensitive and sincere craftsmanship cultivated over more than 40 years, and OPT, which employs many IT personnel in its digital businesses, the “IT-JACKET PROJECT” spotlights businessmen, expert in the use of IT tools such as smartphones and tablets, and proposes comfortable and functional working fashion styles for these IT businessmen.

This collaboration provides “the” ideal set-up for the digital era, transcending the bounds of market analysis and research to respond to the opinions of actual businessmen who use IT tools on a daily basis.

■ Purchasing Method
Advance subscriptions can be purchased through the crowdfunding site “Makuake”.
Subscription period: Nov. 26, 2019 (Tue.) - Jan. 20, 2020 (Mon.)

■ Product Overview
Two types of fashion goods have been developed: jackets and pants. The main product features are as follows. 
(1) Multi-functional textile, suitable for use across three seasons
(2) Patterns designed for comfortable computer work
(3) Packable for easy carrying
(4) Multiple pockets with a variety of uses
(5) Noiseless buttons



(1) Multi-functional textile, suitable for use across three seasons
The fabric features 2-way stretch, fast-drying, washable functionality with exceptional shape stability, and wrinkle-free machining to prevent creases on moving parts such as elbows and knees, without the need for ironing. In addition, thread dyeing makes the fabric highly chromogenic with deep colors, and the clothes are designed to highlight its luxurious feel, with refined sheen and draping qualities. The material resembles wool, but is actually composed of high-performance fibers such as polyester, and can be worn with comfort all year, except during the depths of winter.

(2) Patterns designed for comfortable computer work
Working on a computer entails a surprising amount of vertical and lateral arm movement. The jacket has been designed to reduce stress on the arms, based on a calculations of arm movement.

(3) Packable for easy carrying
Using the cord inside the jacket, it can be made smaller for easy carrying. The jacket can be carried hands-free, diagonally across the shoulder by attaching the cord to the front buttons.

(4) Multiple pockets with a variety of uses
The jacket features multiple pockets, useful for carrying around other small items besides a laptop. The breast pocket has been designed to fit a smartphone. It is positioned more diagonally than usual and utilizes a special fabric for the pocket lining to make a smartphone easier to insert and remove. The hemline on the left side of the body features a security pocket with a fastener to protect the wearer’s wallet and other valuable goods. The hemline on the right side of the body features an outer pocket designed for easy access.

(5) Noiseless buttons
Buttons are usually made of buffalo horn or polyester and tend to make a clicking noise, but noiseless, urethane materials are used for the buttons on this jacket.

■ Trial Fitting Event
A trial fitting event and photo session of the setup will be held to mark the commencement of advance subscription sales through “Makuake.”
Time: November 26 (Tue.) 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Reception opens at 6:30pm.
Location: 5th floor, Tokyu Bancho Building
Please see the link below for detailed information on the event.

*1 About Studio Opt

“Studio Opt” is a specialist group dedicated to open innovation. It creates businesses and services involving design firms from within Japan and overseas, as well as independent creators. Studio Opt ams to be a one-stop design innovation firm, gathering design professionals from both within and outside the organization and utilizing methods such as design thinking to provide services from ideation to business creation.
URL: https://opt.studio/


“ABAHOUSE” is a men’s fashion brand launched in 1978, and operated by ABAHOUSE INTERNATIONAL Co. It features a lineup of clean, smart items from casual to business apparel, based on French taste and combining a free, flexible mindset with elements of modernism.

【Outline of OPT, Inc.】
OPT is an “Innovation Agency” that helps customers realize their ideal future through digital marketing. OPT renews the businesses of customers to create new value, while staying in harmony with the company’s vision and mission as they seek sustainable growth. Each employee works under the ideal of “Sincere ambition” to turn the company into a growth engine that makes people and society more prosperous.

■Company Outline
Established: April 1, 2015
Capital: 100 million yen (as of end of December 2017)
President Name: Daisuke Kanazawa, President & CEO
Head Office Address: Tokyu Bancho Building, 6, Yonbancho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Business Details: Marketing business
URL: https://www.opt.ne.jp/

■ PR Contact
OPT, Inc. PR Representative: Sugawara
e-mail: info@mg.opt.ne.jp TEL: 080-4582-007