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OPT Certified as Highest Ranked Gold Partner by “Indeed” Recruiting Search Engine Commended as Distributor with Number One Sales in First Half of 2018

OPT Inc. (main office in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, President & CEO Daisuke Kanazawa, referred to as “OPT” below) has been certified as the highest ranked Gold Partner of Indeed in terms of distributor sales. Indeed uses this program to certify sales results of Indeed-related products every half year, and not only was OPT certified as a Gold Partner, it was also commended as having a department with the number one overall sales in the first half of 2018.

Indeed (*1) is a recruiting search engine that collects information from recruiting sites and corporate hiring pages, and can be used to search for recruiting information including more than 20 million items around the world. By utilizing machine learning on the obtained big data, Indeed has been achieving rapid continued growth. OPT optimizes the recruiting information published by Indeed based on a wealth of knowledge it has acquired over the years through advertisement operations in the talent industry, while amplifying the information through the application of the “Feed Terminal” (*2) data feed management tool it developed itself. In addition, by setting up teams specializing in the talent industry with knowledge regarding the talent industry’s market and products, OPT can pursue optimization of advertising promotions that focus on the entire talent industry, not just Indeed.

OPT will continue strengthening its sales of Indeed-related products even further, in order to maximize promotional effectiveness in the talent industry. In addition, OPT will also go beyond the talent industry by supporting the digital promotion of corporations with technology.

*1 About Indeed Indeed is the number one recruiting search engine in the world, and is used by the most job seekers around the globe.* Indeed currently offers sites in 28 languages across more than 60 countries, and job seekers can use a PC or mobile device to search through millions of recruiting entries. More than 200 million people use Indeed each month, searching for jobs, registering résumés, and searching through corporate information. Indeed is the best source of information regarding the hiring activities of thousands of corporations.** For details, see https://jp.indeed.com/ *Source: comScore visits in March 2017 **Source: SilkRoad & iCIMS *2 What is Feed Terminal? Feed Terminal is a management tool that uses a single management screen to offer complete support for the creation and configuration of the massive amounts of data required for feed advertising. In addition to the data owned by advertisers, OPT also applies the proprietary data it obtains through ADPLAN, thereby achieving a high level of advertising effectiveness. Feed Terminal’s intuitive user interface makes the PDCA cycle of complex feed advertisement operations involving massive amounts of data both simple and fast. https://feed-terminal.jp/

【Outline of OPT, Inc.】 OPT is an “Innovation Agency” that helps customers realize their ideal future through digital marketing. OPT renews the businesses of customers to create new value, while staying in harmony with the company’s vision and mission as they seek sustainable growth. Each employee works under the ideal of “Sincere ambition” to turn the company into a growth engine that makes people and society more prosperous.
■Company Outline Established: April 1, 2015 Capital: 100 million yen (as of end of December 2017) President Name: Daisuke Kanazawa, President & CEO Head Office Address: Tokyu Bancho Building, 6, Yonbancho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Business Details: Marketing business URL: https://www.opt.ne.jp/

■ PR Contact OPT, Inc. PR Representative: Sugawara e-mail: info@mg.opt.ne.jp  TEL: 080-4582-0075