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OPT Establishes Studio Opt as Design Innovation Firm with Participation by UI/UX Designer Tomo Tsubota

Establishment of Open Office Bringing Together People from Inside and Outside Company, with Around 100 Professional Staff to be Hired by 2020

OPT, Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Daisuke Kanazawa) has established Studio Opt as an organization dedicated to open innovation, engaging creative staff active either as individuals or at design firms in Japan and overseas to develop businesses and services.

The advances in digital technology and spread of smart devices over recent years have led many companies to create new business value or embark on a “digital shift”, with open innovation being an important key to success in this endeavor. In recognition of this, Studio Opt seeks to become a design innovation firm that brings together design professionals from inside and outside the company and utilizes practices such as design thinking to provide a one-stop service for everything from idea development to business implementation.

■ What Studio Opt does
・Service development targeting new business development and enhanced competitiveness
・Use of design thinking to drive innovation
・Brand development to maintain positive relationships with clients and users over the medium and long terms
・Helping clients to make the “digital shift”, working together on innovative business developments

Studio Opt is also taking the following two steps to accelerate the progress of these activities:

・Establishment of an open office that brings together people from inside and outside the company, with a target of 2019
・Recruitment of around 100 designers, product managers, engineers, business developers, and other professional staff by 2020

To provide a further boost toward achieving open innovation, the launch of Studio Opt will be accompanied by the involvement of Tomo Tsubota as a design fellow.

* In addition to past experience with the startup of numerous new businesses, including livedoor and DeNA, Tomo Tsubota has also established a design organization that specializes in UI/UX design. He is currently serving as CCO at Onedot, a new business development launched by BCG Digital Ventures using design thinking, and has also launched the Basecamp design firm, providing support for startup businesses.

* See Studio Opt web site

【Outline of OPT, Inc.】 OPT is an “Innovation Agency” that helps customers realize their ideal future through digital marketing. OPT renews the businesses of customers to create new value, while staying in harmony with the company’s vision and mission as they seek sustainable growth. Each employee works under the ideal of “Sincere ambition” to turn the company into a growth engine that makes people and society more prosperous.
■Company Outline Established: April 1, 2015 Capital: 100 million yen (as of end of December 2017) President Name: Daisuke Kanazawa, President & CEO Head Office Address: Tokyu Bancho Building, 6, Yonbancho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Business Details: Marketing business URL: https://www.opt.ne.jp/

■ PR Contact OPT, Inc. PR Representative: Sugawara
e-mail: info@mg.opt.ne.jp  TEL: 080-4582-0075