2019 marked the start of a new age in Japan with the end of the Heisei era and the beginning of the Reiwa era. At the same time, a great wave of change is also sweeping across the marketing industry.

This year we witnessed an upsurge in customer demand for a digital shift in marketing.

This past year, I have felt that the necessity for a digital shift in marketing is being re-examined at many companies and is gaining prominence as a way to adjust to changing consumer behavior, and as a method to advance businesses through the visualization of various types of data.

In 2019, the expectations and demands placed on digital marketing were greater than ever before. In many cases, digital marketing was included as a central theme in our customers’ 3-year plans and medium-term management plans, and we enjoyed an increasing number of opportunities to do business directly with management personnel.

This would have been inconceivable 15 years ago.

The expectations placed on digital marketing grow stronger every year, and every year the demands made of us change ever faster.

In 2019, we implemented large-scale organizational restructuring, enabling us to respond yet more swiftly to these changes.

We introduced a full-scale executive officer system to respond rapidly in concrete form to actual issues as they occur, and to the future needs of our customers. It is our experts who understand the essence of business and management that is indispensable for accelerating a digital shift in marketing, and can support our customers in their endeavors. We introduced a specialists system, forming a framework for the participation and growth of our experts.

In 2019, we actively engaged in new initiatives through our new organizational structure.

We were the first advertising agency in Japan to become a member of the United States CDP Institute, and we continued to promote digital shift in marketing through initiatives such as the establishment of the Digital Shift Times ( and the joint development of the SOMPO AI Repair Estimate, an automated repair estimate service utilizing AI.

Our vision for the “Innovation Agency” we aim to become consists of promoting a digital shift in marketing and creating new value by providing full support to our customers as they grow their businesses. In 2019, we were able to identify the tasks we must accomplish now and the next steps we must take.

We will continue to contribute to our customers through digital marketing, and join with them to engage in new endeavors. It is our ability to deliver results that is at the core of our business and is the engine that propels us toward future challenges. This year, we gained a new understanding of that fact. Going forward, we will work with our customers to put this cycle of innovation into practice.

In 2020, we will continue to partner with our customers to revolutionize business and create new value, working in tandem with their visions and missions.

We see it as our mission to realize the aspirations of all and to advance into the future together. To this end, each and every one of our staff will continue to look to the future, working unceasingly to enhance his or her abilities.

This aspirational world view is encapsulated in our vision.

“Where your future meets the future of each customer.”

All of us at Opt Inc. will continue to devote ourselves to realizing this vision.

President & CEO Daisuke Kanazawa