[Top Interview] Message from CEO

Dear everyone

In 2017, we will make a shift from an e-marketing company to an innovation agency

In 2016, we realized the growing importance of digital marketing in a position close to corporate management, together with the increase in its value. This trend will accelerate in 2017.

We have now set the goal of becoming an “e-marketing company,” but beyond that we want to make the shift to an “innovation agency.”

An innovation agency means sharing a vision with each one of our customers and being able to solve the problems of individual customers by identifying the gap between their ideal and their current situation. I believe that if we are to create new value we need to make innovation happen in not only our approaches in the past, but also our products, services, organization, way of thinking and business itself.

Launching a new challenge, with promotion at the core

For that purpose, we will contribute to all of four Ps of marketing mix, including Product, Price and Place, with Digital Promotion at the core. I would like to cast this challenge, which we began addressing little by little in 2016, into a more tangible form. Thanks to the cooperation of customers, specific cases have also begun to emerge.

A group of engineers named “OPT Technologies” and a group of data scientists named “Data Science Lab” have been added to OPT, which had been centered on consulting-based sales consisting of sales and consultants.

We would like to create new value in society in the spirit of “All for One” in our unique OPT way, making greater use of our existing strengths, with groups possessing diverse skills mixed together and multiplied to achieve the same goal.

I imagine that 2017 will be a year when we will be able to make a contribution to the deeper value chain of our customers, with digital marketing at the core.

Providing value, using our in-house services by focusing more on growth media

Not only consistently focusing on advertising agency services under the theme of in-feed advertising, video and social, we will also provide in-house services that will help solve customers’ problems as an added value.

Our activities in 2017 will begin with the release of the New ADPLAN, but we also want to be proactive in creating reasons for one customer after another to choose us.

Corporate Philosophy and Vision

We place importance on the key word “Action!” which has been instilled into our employees over the past year.

The coming age is going to demand the ability to speak up in your own words and take action on your own. Taking an action will become an experience, and the experience will stimulate your knowledge more and expand your sensibility.

To that end, what I want you to try is to “move into action.” My commitment is to make OPT the best group of people who move into action in Japan.

To keep making innovation happen together with customers with digital marketing at the core and contribute to society, we ourselves need to become a growth engine.

Over the past two years, in 2015 and 2016, we succeeded in building the foundation for our business, thanks to the hard work of our employees and the support and cooperation of our customers and partner companies.

In 2017, I want to translate the decision to create the momentum we need to become an innovation agency into actions, thick and fast.

President & CEO Daisuke Kanazawa