[Top Interview] Message from CEO

Dear everyone

Business environment around our company

It is the era that should continue to take speedy actions.
We must reborn the team that can exhibit high performance with an overwhelming sense of speed,
So We posted the keyword "Action!".

To heading quickly from a large amount of information, we want to shape the best solutions for our customers and partners.
To achieve this, it is required that will continue to run in a quick cycle
This is "Action!".

What is the strength as e-marketing company?

1) First of all, a large amount of data.
By the use of a number of companies of effect measurement tool "ADPLAN", a lot of data has been accumulated.
Thanks to that, can be visualized useful data and useless data, it is possible to take advantage the marketing.

2) Second, the operational know-how to perform the PDCA cycle.
In Internet advertising, it's the most important to run the PDCA in rapid cycle.
The thing that you need to be is the construction of mechanisms and tools, and human resources.

For vision, including the future directions and future images

We would like to be the growth engine that can grow not only our company but also all the companies and people related with opt.

And We will continue to aim to leap as "marketing × technology partner" of everyone.

"Change of consciousness to change the behavior. And Behavioral changes change the habit. And Change of habits to change the personality. And then By changing the personality, changes destiny. "

With these words, continue working on the company management with a strong will and determination, because we produce the values and new markets that everyone is exciting.

President & CEO Daisuke Kanazawa